Dare To Be You In Full Essence workshop

A life changing workshop for women!

A unique workshop for women who are ready to discover their full potential!

  • Do you want to feel uplifted, empowered and inspired?


  • Do you want to discover how to connect with and be your complete self?


  • Do you have mental or emotional blocks that are holding you back from being more successful, happy and abundant?


  • Do you need more clarity about where you want to go with your life?


CEO & Founder of My Full Essence - Lenny Suijkerbuijk


Who is this workshop for?


Learn how to be in your full and raw essence


Want to manage your emotions in your personal and business life


Discover your feminine presence and use it to attract what you want

The Workshop:




Many business models, personal development programs, breakthrough methods are mostly designed by men and for how the male brain works. To help you understand why that doesn’t work as good for women and why it is that women get different results with programs designed by and for males, this workshop will give you clarity, tools and insights about how to get results with a female based solution. 

Create your destination plan at this all for women workshop.

A unique transformational concert, done by Lenny!


To set everything you desire in motion!


This concert and workshop gives you an opportunity to set your dreams, passions and heart’s desires in motion. From a place we call your raw and full essence!




After this workshop:

You have experienced how to and you will know how you can: 


Get clarity in what’s blocking you 


Manage your (negative) emotions and beliefs

Have Creatrix®️ as a breakthrough opportunity 


Practice self-care and create well being 


(Re) Connect with your feminine essence 


Create a life plan 


You will feel uplifted, empowered and inspired!


Early Bird tickets available!

Saturday 18 August 2018

9:00 am - 4 pm

Workshop inclusions

Only 12 spots available per workshop! 

- practical exercises, handouts 

- amazing learnings about how to manage your mental game
- transformational concert by Lenny 
- opportunity to start your personal transformation journey
- coffee & tea break with healthy snacks 
- goody bag

- lucky draw

9 am        Registration 
9:30 am   Start workshop!*
3.30 pm   Networking/connection opportunity
4 pm        End workshop day


* Please do not arrive later than 9:15 am due to the special start of the workshop. Doors close at 9:30 AM! Once the doors are closed, you have to wait until there's a suitable moment in the program to enter the room.


* The 'Dare to be you in Full Essence' workshop is the name My Full Essence uses for this personal development for women workshop. 


* This workshop contains Creatrix®️ elements and material Lenny Suijkerbuijk has been trained for by the Institute of Women International, designed and owned by Marylin Schirmer of The Institute Of Women International.


* The music concert is designed and co-created by Lenny Suijkerbuijk and YvonJane van Leeuwen of the Theatre Director of the Van Leeuwen Development Academy

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Specialized in transforming women's lives!

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