Do you want to discover what 2018 holds for you? Welcome to the new you in 2018 workshop! 

Starting January 2018

Where numerology, natural remedies and emotions management come together to create well being and emotional health!

Welcome to our well being, natural healing and lifestyle workshop!

Discover your personal number for 2018 and essential oils for 2018! Hosted in a beautiful venue (see photo's) where you will be inspired to feel and look beautiful! 
With essential oils for health and the energy of 2018, we show you how to bring out the best in you.

Transform your knowledge about well being to empower you and your family.

We're a team of professionals and passionate women in the fields of wellness, natural healing and emotions management. 


CEO & Founder of My Full Essence - Lenny Suijkerbuijk


Who is this workshop for?

Don't settle for less. Look good on the outside and detox from the inside. Our workshop will show you how to take care of your well being through numerology, essential oils and emotions management. 

Learn what your mental & emotional strengths and weaknesses are and how to manage your emotions effortlessly. 

Workshop inclusions

Only 20 spots available per workshop! 

- Numerology & essential oils for 2018
- Essential oils and emotions, hormones and how to manage them 
- Hand massages with essential oils experience 
- The opportunity to try on Mah's Collection's dresses and accessories 

Duration: 2 hours. 
Including tea, coffee & snacks.

After this workshop:

You will have / know: 


Get clarity for your direction in 2018


Which essential oils are important for you in 2018


What you can do to increase physical, mental and emotional health


How to create well being for you and your loved ones




Why Essential Oils?


My Full Essence is proud business partner of numerologist Jacqueline Ng and of Pamela Lim, author of the book 'Love Heals'. An extroardinary story about a woman who's life has been saved through using essential oils. 


Lenny has more than 20 years of experience as an aromatherapist and foot & hand reflexologist. 


Our mission is to educate people with our expertise. Because we already know how magnificent life can be with essential oils in it! 

Because atmosphere matters

A beautiful & classy venue!



Our workshop is at the venue of Mah Collection.

We value the quality of our workshop just as much as the atmosphere of the venue we welcome you to. Our mission is to offer you transformation experiences in the right settings. This day is for YOU to completely forget everything around you and to create the space for you to Explore and to Be You In Your Full Essence. The workshop will be in the Mah Collection Boutique. 

Entrance workshop venue
We love doing our workshops here at Mah Collection, because ... you deserve a full day experience of transformation, time for YOU and indulgement!
Training area
In this room we will will do all the training and small exercises. No boring business rooms, but a room where you can just forget about your issues for a while.
Concert and exercise area
In this area Lenny will perform her Unique 'Circle in the round' transformation mini concert. To give a transformation experience of a lifetime!
Training & relax area
In this area, should the weather allow it, we do exercises, have our tea breaks and it's a great area to connect with like minded women.
Training area
This day is all about giving women the feeling that they matter, that they're important. This day is for you as a woman.
Mah Collection around the corner
Come and explore Mah Collection, our main sponsor for our workshops and indulge yourself in their amazing collection of fine dresses and accessoires.
Mah Collection
The boutique is just next to the workshop venue. We will pay a visit to the boutique after the workshop to have you experience their amazing collection. Mah Collection even has a surprise for you.
Relax area
Wow ... have you ever had a workshop venue like this? We don't want to have our clients stuck in a business building for such an extraordinary workshop. You only deserve the best!
A preview of what you can expect
Mah Collection has all kinds of different sizes.
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