VIP Coaching program: Stepping Into Your Presence!

When life has given you challenges and you feel: enough is enough!

If you recognize this: 

  • You're not living your full potential and you don't know which direction to take in life

  • Feeling alone/lonely very often

  • You question your career path but are afraid to make changes

  • Looking for confirmation and acknowledgment from external factors or people

  • Having difficulties trusting others

  • Making yourself invisible

  • Thinking you don’t need others and that you have to do things all by yourself

  • Being (emotionally) exhausted regularly

  • Feeling burned out

  • Finding it difficult to be your complete self and being comfortable with who you are

  • Being stressed and it doesn't seem it's getting better anytime soon

Woman Wearing a Scarf

  • Being drained by the work you're doing

  • Not doing the work you love doing

  • Wanting to learn how to trust your instincts and intuition

  • Over analyzing things

  • You feel like you don't 'belong' anywhere

  • Feeling uncertain about the future and you want to explore your full potential

  • Not being happy with the work you're doing

  • Lacking satisfaction, happiness and joy in your personal life or work

  • Being in toxic relationships

  • Missing intimacy

  • Feeling ashamed for your body

  • Dealing with many challenges and you're feeling overwhelmed by it

Then this program is for you! 

Be the woman you want to be!

Come and explore your feminine power and restore your energy

Who is this program for?


This​ powerful program is for (high sensitive) women, mothers, female coaches, trainers, healers, entrepreneurs, and women who are working in the corporate world.


You are longing for change. You no longer want to look at yourself in the mirror thinking about your life and feeling: 'is this it?'. You want to explore your full potential and truly enjoy life to the fullest! This is for you if you want to break through personal and business blocks that are stopping you from being more happy & successful. Setting boundaries, feeling energetic and vibrant is something you want more of! You want to connect with your 'higher self' so that following your intuition is easier and things start to flow even more. And so you can make healthier choices in life. You want to look and feel confident from the inside out. You want your inner shine back! 


You are curious about how to become more comfortable with your sensual energies. You want to find your purpose in life and find out what higher call you are here to serve. 

You are ready to awaken your Inner Goddess! 

Who is this program not for? 


This program has a lot of value. It's about receiving my time and all the valuable tools I'm giving you to succeed and create a more happier and

healthier life. I want to make sure we are a good match! So when you're thinking of booking a free 30 min session with me to ask me questions

about the program or when you're thinking about doing this program, I need to be 100%  your intentions are genuine and that you're committed.

Check the following to see if are a match! 

This is not for women who:

  • Do not want to receive positive attention in their personal and business life

  • Do not want to be emotionally free

  • Do not want to face their fears and celebrate their victories

  • Do not want to heal from emotional, mental issues 

  • Love complaining and gossiping 

  • Are not coachable, committed, and capable of carrying the ownership of their own transformation processes

  • Won't show up for coaching sessions and keep on re-scheduling them 

  • Keep making excuses for not doing the assignments

  • Blame coaches, therapists and trainers for not being able to 'change' them 

  • Blame others in their personal and business life and are not willing to look at their own contribution 

  • Always want to be right and are not willing to look at the root of their issues

  • Are not willing to invest in time, energy and financially in their well being, growth and breakthroughs

3 Months all about you


My mission is to give you great results that work long term. This 3-month private coaching program helps you to commit fully to work towards your goals and dreams. You will work with many amazing breakthrough & healing tools, strategies, healing practices, and high valued bonuses to support your transformation full on! 

Transform your life in three months! 

On all levels of being you

There are many different modalities we will be working with. 

  • Discovering, breaking through and transforming your self-sabotaging beliefs, patterns, deep-rooted emotions, and traumas

  • Re-connecting with your spiritual guides

  • Feminine Essence energy & womb space clearing & healing 

  • Using powerful essential oils & botanical mixes to boost your health 

To create a more happier and healthier (business) life for you! 

What's included in the VIP coaching program

VIP Coaching for women who want to change and transform their lives

Art of Feminine Presence

Because women need different success strategies!

During this program you will learn the principles of the Art of Feminine Presence. A method developed by Rachael Jayne Groover to help women connect and strengthen their feminine essence. Why is this important? 

Many women are not aware that working with the Feminine Essence is working with your natural and personal energy. They work with masculine energy predominantly, which can cause burnouts, depressions, drainage in the long run. To stay healthy in your personal and business life you need to also work with the feminine energy, so you will be able to maximize your full potential, stay empowered, and have ongoing good energy. 

The Art of Feminine Presence can help dissolve and release deep-rooted beliefs and traumas. You will experience the power of womb space clearing and healing. This coaching is very personal and you will receive practices you can do on a daily basis. 

Spirit guide, chakra & aura reading every month

Universal and healing energy

Invisible healing powers that you can feel going through your body, which has an effect on how your energy is flowing and releases stagnant energy. Energy is everything and everything is energy. 


You will receive a spirit guide, chakra & aura reading beginning of every month, which includes a report of the session. Everything is done online and you will receive all reports thereafter. 


This is how we monitor and maintain your personal energy levels and your spiritual development. 

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Learn how to channel your own spiritual guides and break through money, abundance, emotional attachment issues!

Because there's more than between heaven and earth

Discover who your spiritual guides are and learn how to communicate with them in a safe way. 

We will work with your spiritual guides specifically on your money mindset, abundance, and spiritual growth (non religious). 

I've been working with my spiritual guides for years and I'm able and capable to re-connect you with yours. Why is this helpful? Spiritual guides are here to help us grow. They are sending us signals all the time and I can help you recognize these signals. They're not here to prevent you from having growing pains. They're here to assist you in your soul's mission and to support you whenever you ask them to. They can advise you in the decisions you're making. They do not make the decisions for you. 

You will learn the processes of connecting safely and disconnecting consciously. 

Rewire your Financial Blueprint

To change your outer world you have to change your inner world 

Asking the right fee for your services. Not being able to create a stable income. Getting in money, but losing money just as fast as well. Giving a lot for free. Money is the root of all evil. 

Recognise any of the above? 

Negative money patterns are a result of what you have not 'fixed' yet on the inside on mental, emotional, and spiritual level. This part of the coaching program will help you rewire your financial blueprint. We will dive into your financial patterns, and work on deep-rooted levels to create a financial blueprint. So you will make healthier choices when it comes to money, which will reflect on your success and happiness in life! And yes, we will work closely with your spirit guides and mentors to receive extra information to make this transformation happen. 

Let's make creating money fun! 

What is this all worth? 

Let's get the value straight

Embark on a powerful journey of transformation and healing

Change because you want to. Not because you have to

When you're committing to yourself and your transformation journey by following this program, it is crucial you understand the value of what you are going to give to yourself. This is not 'just another' coaching program. No. This program takes you to deeper levels of breakthroughs and healing. It is a full blown transformation from the inside out.  Below is what is included in the program and the value of it. 

  • 3 months of online coaching & training & essential oils 

  • 3 personal spirit guide reading sessions (online)

  • 3 aura & chakra readings 

  • 6 Online personal coaching sessions with Lenny of 60-90 minutes per session*

  • Coaching sessions reports

  • Online learning platform with a lifetime access 

  • Online training videos, working documents, support sheets

  • Facebook support group & group training session

  • 24/7 Email support

Total worth: $ 5.600


- An essential oils kit 

- An inner & outer beauty kit 

- 1 personal essential oils consult for the second and third month

- 1 personal and extended aura & chakra readings at the end of the 3-month coaching 

Total worth Bonus: $ 1500

Total worth Stepping Into Your Presence program: $ 7100

*If live coaching is allowed and possible, we will work live instead of online

Enjoy your bonuses!

This program is not only about transforming your life. It's also about receiving all the goods you deserve and about pampering yourself! 

You will receive products from companies that have been on the market for years. We partnered up with trustworthy companies that offer high quality, pure and effective products. We give our clients what we use ourselves! 

Bonus 1: Essential oils to support your transformation journey

Learn how to use the power of nature to help you heal on root level!

Essential oils support physical, mental and emotional processes & well being. 

You will receive: 

- 10 basic essential oils

- 1 bottle of fractionated coconut oil

- 1 diffuser

- 1 strong grounding oil

- Wild Orange essential oil

- online essential oil master classes

- Facebook support group

- No monthly orders required! 

You will be blown away by how multifunctional these essential oils are. 


If you're not a customer at dōTERRA essential oils yet, you will receive your own online account, which allows you to purchase products with 25% discount at any time. 

If you are an existing dōTERRA customer, this essential oils kit will be sent to you. 

Because transformations are supported by what we put in our body

In this VIP coaching program, you will go through a transformation Full On! Which means we will work on your inner world, your emotional, mental balance, body health and on your ​inner & outer beauty. It's all about embracing your Full Self. Appearance is an important element of feeling good about yourself. 

You will receive: 

1 bottle of Luminesce™ Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
- 1 bottle of Luminesce™ Daily Moisturizing Complex
- 1 jar of Luminesce™ Advanced Night Repair
- 1 tube of Luminesce™ Youth Restoring Cleanser
- 1 tube of Luminesce™ Ultimate Lifting Masque
- 1 box of Reserve™ gel packs botanical anti oxidant

- 1 box of RevitaBlū™  delicious botanical mix

- 1 online inner & outer beauty masterclass 

- No monthly orders required! 

If you're not a customer at Jeunesse Global yet, you will receive your own online account, which allows you to purchase products with discounts at any time. 

If you are an existing Jeunesse customer, this bonus pack will be sent to you. 

Bonus 2: empowering beauty & health from the outside

Book your Discovery call - no hard sales! 

Book a free 30-minute Discovery call to find out if we are a match. My mission during the call is to get to know each other, give you the right information, and make you feel comfortable. As we will be spending a lot of time together during the private coaching program, I like the idea of sharing the fees for this coaching program face to face, so you HEAR what is in it for you. You now have read what the value of the program is. During the call we will do one short practice so you can experience what's in store for you. 


To get the full picture, I value getting to know each other in an open call. You will leave the call with all the information you need and I promise: there will be no hard upsell/sales from my side. I believe that if we are meant to work together, it will happen! And I only want to work with women who take their business and transformation seriously and are willing to put in the hard work. 


I know that when you book your call, you are serious enough to invest in just 30 minutes of your time and get value during the call. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Zoom! 

Smart entrepreneurship

Add on the online course: 'Building Your Online Presence'

If you are a female entrepreneur and you are looking to build your own brand, a strong personal online presence, you can add on the online course 'Building your online presence' with 50% discount on this course! 

The private coaching sessions will then be a mix of coaching you on your personal AND business goals. 

Thumbnails banners Online Presence train

What clients say

Sandra Akkermans

Healer, entrepreneur

The Netherlands

My life is already changing after just one session. Removing these blocks is having a great ripple effect on everything around me (already). I am still myself but I am now a better version of me. (I have had an upgrade, haha!)

Lenny is very skilled, she is a loving person who truly cares about you, trust me Lenny knows how to get you there!

Monica Balani-Chainani

Paralegal, Singapore

Lenny is absolutely amazing! She listens, guides and understands without passing any sort of judgment. Add to that she just has such a calming aura and presence. Her training helps you center yourself and get reacquainted with YOU which we tend to ignore in our busy lifestyles. Thank You Lenny!

Julie McDonald Oam

Olympic medialist

Personal coach, Australia

Lenny is very gentle & supportive while going through steps to guide you into your Feminine Essence. I enjoyed the process. Safe, gentle and inspiring.


Thank you Lenny x

Daisy Wissing 

Mother, Reiki practitioner

Lenny gave a three day mind blowing training to get in touch with your WHOLE self! I woud definitely recommend this course for any and all women who feel overwhelmed with life. It makes you feel more centred and more alive! Lenny creates a warm and safe place to explore yourself!

Thank you, Lennyxx

Buddha Statue

What matters in the long run is ... 

You Living a more happy, healthy and succesful Life You Deserve & Desire

Make that change!

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