My heart breaks when I see women struggling. When I see other women shrinking themselves and are not living their full potential.

My name is Lenny Suijkerbuijk, Founder & Owner of My Full Essence and the My Full Essence Academy. I'm a Dutch Indonesian spiritual business coach and Art of Feminine Essence therapist living in Singapore. I survived a brain hemorrhage that I received in December 2018 and I'm back to help women like you overcome and rise above your challenges in life! 

I am a(n)

- Spiritual business coach

- Breakthrough coach for high-sensitive women

- E-Commerce entrepreneur & coach

- Performer & singer 

- Feminine Essence & Presence Specialist 

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• my coaching programs are based on working on your inner world (mentally, emotionally & spiritually) to create your outer world

• unique element: I can show you how to connect and communicate with your spirit guides for your business and how to use essential oils to boost your transformation

• working with feminine essence strategies & tools

What is 'Spiritual'

Business Coaching?

Stressed Woman

I believe in the power of private coaching when it's done through a consistent program that gets you long term results. One or three sessions are great, but in my humble opinion, it is not as effective if you want deeper and more lasting results. The 3-month private coaching 'Step Into Your Presence' program is for you if you've been struggling with personal and/or business blocks for a while. And you're looking to have massive shifts in becoming more confident, mentally, and emotionally stronger, setting boundaries, and awaken your full potential.


Coachings spots for this program are very limited as it is a very intense journey where we will be spending a serious amount of time together. I want to make sure we are a perfect match and that you are ready to go for it. I only take on 6 private coaching customers a year. If you need a big change, book a free 30-minute Discovery call now! 

Don't wait until it's too late. Reach out now if you need help. 

Step Into Your Presence program

Private coaching

Sometimes you need that personal and undivided attention from a professional to help you getting back on your feet
For high sensitive female entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers and healers

The My Full Essence Academy

Empower YourSelf!

An online academy for women who want to rise & shine! 

The My Full Essence Academy offers courses for female entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, networkmarketing entrepreneurs and healers. 

The core of all the courses is: working with your feminine essence and working on your inner world: mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Powerful feminine essence strategies to help you rock your business and boost your health, mental & emotional balance, spiritual growth. 

Building your online presence course for women

For women who run their own business, are healers, coaches & trainers, or working in the corporate world and who want to build an online presence, build a strong brand, to create more engagement with their audience. 

Using female marketing strategies and tools,

we offer a complete online course with 7 modules about how to create your personal online presence on social media and build your brand, a brand people will love!

This is an online course you can do independently. If you want personal and undivided attention, there is an option to work with me one on one! 

Online courses, (group) Master Classes & private coaching available all year round. 


- 7-Day training "Building your online presence"
- 7-Day training "Rewire your financial blueprint"
- 7-Day training "Business Bootcamp for female entrepreneurs"

- 3 Month program: "Become a spirit guide channel teacher"

Sign up for with your email address to be notified about our masterclasses, workshops and events. And receive a free Art of Feminine  practice! 

Online programs for female entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, healers

Master classes, workshops & events

What clients say

Helping women breaking through around the globe

Sandra Akkermans

Healer, entrepreneur

The Netherlands

My life is already changing after just one session. Removing these blocks is having a great ripple effect on everything around me (already). I am still myself but I am now a better version of me. (I have had an upgrade, haha!)

Lenny is very skilled, she is a loving person who truly cares about you, trust me Lenny knows how to get you there!

Monica Balani-Chainani

Paralegal, Singapore

Lenny is absolutely amazing! She listens, guides and understands without passing any sort of judgment. Add to that she just has such a calming aura and presence. Her training helps you center yourself and get reacquainted with YOU which we tend to ignore in our busy lifestyles. Thank You Lenny!

Julie McDonald Oam

Olympic medialist

Personal coach, Australia

Lenny is very gentle & supportive while going through steps to guide you into your Feminine Essence. I enjoyed the process. Safe, gentle and inspiring.


Thank you Lenny x

Daisy Wissing 

Mother, Reiki practitioner

Lenny gave a three day mind blowing training to get in touch with your WHOLE self! I woud definitely recommend this course for any and all women who feel overwhelmed with life. It makes you feel more centred and more alive! Lenny creates a warm and safe place to explore yourself!

Thank you, Lennyxx

Specialized in transforming women's lives!

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